Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11 - On the Road Again

I have been busy out my eyeballs with art shows and it's a most exciting thing indeed!  

This past weekend we went to Yellow Springs to close out a successful show at Emporium Wine and Underdog Cafe, but ended up going by way of Van Wert.  Yes, I know it's not on the way...unless you're going to Indiana.  

Anyway, the Van Wert stop off was at the Wassenburg Art Center.  They recently moved from their victorian house to the old armory.  Armory; that would be correct.  It's truly amazing how they've turned it into a beautiful art center.  The only hints of its past life are the institutional type tile walls in the hall and the vault where the ammo was kept.  

Hope and her crew have transformed the entire building into a work of art, including the bathrooms.  If you're looking for some unique painting for walls and/or floors in your home, definitely give them a call.  

The ceilings have been opened up to the original bead board, which they found to be in perfect condition after hauling away three 30 yard dumpsters of drop ceiling.  That's a lot of drop ceiling.  

Opening reception will be Saturday, Nov. 16th at 6:00 pm.  The show will run through December 20th.  So, if you're on your way to Yellow Springs via Indiana make sure you stop by.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9 - Amazon Woman

Oh look ~ my wrapped canvas photos are now on Amazon too!  I'll definitely let you know when the next round of pics makes their way to the surface.  Anyway, here's the link for round #1 ~

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

6/28 - I'm in!

I'm happy beyond belief to tell you that my first round of photos is finally up on!

They are offered as canvas wrap in varius sizes.  Here's the link ~


Friday, June 14, 2013

6/14 - Toledo Artwalk

It's very exciting indeed to be one of 5 artists at the Sur Saint Clair Gallery in Toledo! 

We headed out on Monday to set things up for their Artwalk on Thursday.  Richard and his assistant, Pat were both just wonderful.  They made me feel like we were old friends getting reacquainted.

The building is in their warehouse district and like most of the other buildings on St. Clair, it has been restored and re purposed.  The lively lime green painted walls in the entry hall was a fun welcome and I couldn't wait to make my way to the actual gallery. 

Brick walls, wood floors, open box-type elevator (which is still operable), mammoth sliding wood doors, and overhead beams and chains from the building's first life have been kept intact, making the gallery a piece of art unto its ownself.  

Richard graciously extended my display area to include the adjacent wall, which was a perfect backdrop for my Windows of Savannah piece.  The photo is of a window in a brick building and it is now hanging on a brick wall between two windows.  It's like that's where it was meant to live.

Friday, June 7, 2013

6/7 - A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Well, I'll try to keep it under a thousand words. During the last couple of years we've been rearranging the Boutique to focus on my photography (no pun intended with the focus and the photography). Little by little it's finally what I've envisioned.

Keeping the boutique theme, there are a plethora of items available and the best part is that you get to choose which picture you want on which item. Anything you see is just a suggestion, you can customize everything to suite your tastes.

Explore your options by clicking on the Zazzle button to see the endless possibilities.

The Sympholio button will take you specifically to note cards.

And through the Wordpress button you will find yourself in my photo blog.

As always, you can contact me direct with any questions, comments, or custom orders.

I hope that you enjoy the Burning River Boutique's new look and that you'll stop back often.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3/9 - A River Runs Through It

Decided to take a walk last night and while that in itself is newsworthy, that's really not what this is about. 

The lake actually had a current running from east to west.  No waves, just current.  It looked like a giant river.  And it was moving fast, pushing a section of ice right along.  I don't know if it was an optical illusion or not, but the adjacent section of ice appeared to be moving in the opposite direction at a slower pace.  It was pretty interesting and I'm sorry that I don't have a video of it to show you.

The ice mountains are still out there, but they seem to be shrinking. 

And oh guess what ~ found the first beach glass of the season!  I don't know why that stuff makes me so happy, but it does.

There were so many zebra mussel shells that it sounded like snow crunching underfoot.  At least it's been cold enough that they don't smell any more.  Always a plus.

Friday, January 14, 2011

1/14 - The Art Of Letter Writing

Remember the days before email, text messages, and instant messaging when a letter was the means of communication?  An actual piece of paper that you could hold in your hands to feel like you had part of that person with you while you read their story, with the sound of their voice forming the words.  

I received such a letter today from my Aunt Frances.  I could actually picture her sitting at her kitchen table, looking up from her writing to catch a glimpse of what was happening outside the window.  

She told of every day events, but made them sound almost magical.  She asked me questions about my life and I know she awaits the answers in my response. 

It's been a long time since I wrote an actual letter and I'm thinking that I should make some stationery for a truly personal touch. 

Sorry to get all Andy Rooney on you, but I just had to take that nostalgic stroll.